Who we are

NKM is the brainchild of Nitin Jain, who wished to breathe new life into an industry which continued to either replicate old palatial style hardware or mass produce generic modern styles. Nitin’s vision was to build a brand which stands for distinctive design, beautiful and unique finishes, and precision engineering. After pursuing his MBA in the U.K, Nitin decided to stay back and co-founded the company in India. He have created and established from scratch, a high end brand featuring unique design and finishes. His idea is now to offer this to discerning customers worldwide.

NKM has made extraordinary hardware for small and large projects: luxury villas and estates, high end boutique hotels and award winning resorts. Nitin’s vision stemmed from the idea of introducing the West to the exceptional work of Indian artisans. He maintained a striking balance between the two different worlds and this was integral to the success of this venture. Original designs, unexpected finishes, the best quality materials and precision engineering. To this, the company has added sustainable design and production, caring for the environment. There is no compromise on any of these core principles, as he believes that is the only way to build a lasting brand.